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A photographic record of Walsall past and present

Walsall Local History Centre holds over 12,000 photographs dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. These cover the whole of the current Walsall Metropolitan Borough area from Darlaston to Aldridge and Willenhall to Brownhills. This website showcases a selection of photographs from the collection.

The Metropolitan Borough of Walsall is located in the heart of central England. The town of Walsall, eight miles north of Birmingham on the south Staffordshire border, has been a prosperous market and manufacturing town since medieval times. By the 1800s it was known as the 'Town of a Hundred Trades'. The Metropolitan Borough area as a whole developed rapidly in the nineteenth century with the coming of the Industrial Revolution. Major industries in the area, apart from mining which declined during the 20th century, continue to be metalworking, lock making and the leather trade.

The area has seen many changes and historic landmarks have disappeared to make way for today's modern buildings. This selection of photographs shows the diverse range of places that go to make up the Borough and how the area has changed over time.

Many of the images are unique and irreplaceable. Digitisation ensures the originals are preserved and allows users from all over the world to view the collection via the Internet.